Sunday, January 14, 2018

Asikey: The Introverted Artist

The Introverted Artist is a 2018 photo series project presented by 2017 AFRIMA award winner, Asikey in collaboration with Creative Director and Artist, Arinze Mustapha Femi, Photographer and Videographer, Michael Jayeola, Studio EA Ideale, and Stylist, Victoria Rosange.
It is intended to tell the story of Asikey as The Introverted Artist in a series of intentional, dialogue inciting picture episodes spread out through the year.

“The Introverted Artist”, Asikey was born the fourth child into a family of 6 children; a loner and a core introvert, she found solace only in Music. She nursed the life path for years until she had harnessed the courage to share it with the world". As a teenager, she was what she calls a "bedroom musician", her friend(s) would come over sometimes and demand an acoustic performance.
This first set of photos is a visual representation of the first step - the artist putting out herself regardless of her own accustomed nature!

Asikey George.
Independent Artist, Musician, and Songwriter.

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