Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Asikey Set To Drop Brand New Single, WE

Since starting out her professional musical career in the historic town of Nsukka during her undergraduate years, Asikey has kept growing organically. 
A signee of Pendulum Records, Asikey dropped her debut EP aptly titled Human in 2016. These days she is working very hard with some top music producers but in silence.
That silence is about to be broken.

A.N: In October 2016 your debut EP, Human was released. How was that received?

It was received quite well. We put in a lot of effort into it but somethings went south with the promotion, coupled with the fact that at the time it was released, I was on Youth Service in the far north so I couldn't do all the physical work as efficiently as I otherwise would've been able to do. Mistakes learned from only make us better so I must say I'm really wiser now as long as this music business is concerned lol. But we made sales! Without a successful promotion! That is something.. We've put it out and will keep putting good stuff out and learning and growing. That's how a solid foundation is built, I believe. I mean, I won't be surprised if 10 years from now, Human EP becomes one of my most appreciated and purchased items. It gets better.

What has been the impact of the Human EP on your career so far?

Hmmm.. that work and everything it resulted into is highly significant to me. It forced me to grow. Maybe completely renewed me. Re-shaped my thinking. The period from after it was released was tough and that is the atmosphere that makes the best out of us.

Till date, you have only two videos. Any reason for that and should we expect more visuals?

Well.. like I said, the previous incidence taught us a lot. You don't just do things because it's expected. You don't just drop a video 'cos yaaay let's drop a video. It's about where I am right now and what I actually need to do. What's vital. The truth is putting out audios and videos is only the beginning of the work. If we're putting out an audio now, it's because we want to concentrate all our effort on working it through it's greatest potential. We'll do more 'cos we have less to do. But, there's going to be a lyric video to my next single out in only a few days.

What are you currently working on?

I have a forthcoming single titled "We" out this Saturday, the 12th. It was produced by Mikkyme Joses. And I hate to brag but it's absolutely fantastic [laughs]

How did you start a working relationship with MikkyMe who is responsible for hit tracks such as Brymo’s One Pound?

Whenever I'm asked anything about Mikky, I don't know where to start. He's got to be one of the most amazing people on this planet. We met for the first time in a recording and production session that was arranged by my manager for my song "Earth Attack". I felt peculiarly at home with him and the rest is history [laughs].

Any plans as regards better distribution of your music?

Well, my music is pretty much everywhere [laughs]. I mean a digital release is worldwide. Except you mean physical copies. I think we need to efficiently exploit the market we're in now before thinking of further distribution.

How often have on-air personalities requested payola from you?

[Laughs] Quite a number of times actually. But I've personally never handed anyone cash to play my songs. There are a number of OAPs staying true though, that play my music and any music at all because they honestly love it. And that's the way it should be. First time I was at Cool FM Lagos they were really nice to me. It's unnerving cajoling someone into playing good music for the people. But there are always good people.

What are we expecting from you in the coming weeks and months?
My best in everything. In getting my single "We" heard and enjoyed by everyone everywhere in the world; and following it up with even better songs.

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