Sunday, July 03, 2016

Just Because He Is Davido

I really don’t give a damn about what one of Nigeria’s finest music exports, Davido and a certain Sophie Momodu did under the sheets long time ago. Well, their adventures and explorations led to them being blessed with a beautiful daughter, Imade. Great, right?
Davido’s government name is David Adeleke but his actions lately will make you doubt if he is really a Yoruba boy.
It is okay for parents to have issues every now and then but how they resolve it is what proves if they are adults or just babies trying to raise kids.
Hate it or love it, Chief Dele Momodu is one of the most respected Yoruba men of his generation. You can’t gain that sort of recognition by fluke or even wizardry. He might even erred in the role he played during the accusations and counter accusations between his niece, Sophie and the pop-star as regards parenting and child-custody issues but that’s not the reason for this piece.
At the time, Davido tried to address the issues raised at the time through a thoroughly written press release (Kudos to whoever wrote that). That was a show of maturity from the singer but his actions since then simply represent many steps taken backward after just a step forward. He went on social media platforms especially Snapchat where he called renowned publisher, Dele Momodu unprintable names with such reckless disdain.
If you thought Davido was done and remorseful for being a bad Yoruba boy and insulting his elder in the most distasteful of ways, you must have been disappointed when he jumped on the remix of Humblesmith’s hit song, Osinachi. What was meant to be a remix to be one of the biggest songs of gratitude at the time was turned into a playground for kids as Davido proved how childish he could be on the song. Once again, he chided Chief Momodu and the mother of his daughter. Being a big fan of the Nigerian music industry, I understand Humblesmith’s to make a breakthrough and impact in the Lagos market and the opportunities collaborating with Davido will present him. What I still don’t understand is why he didn’t record a fresh song with the self-acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo. Well, even if he decided to feature Davido on the remix of his hit single, couldn’t he muster the courage and will power to refuse turning his song of gratitude to a Davido diss song? Why didn’t Davido record a song on his own in which he would call out all the names in his bad book?
Davido had now made his point repeatedly. Even his fans and foes will allude to the fact that he had come at Chief Momodu enough. Well, the singer who seems to have many ‘yes men’ around him rather than advisers is not done with the former Presidential aspirant. On the 26th of May 2016, a Twitter fan of the singer who sought attention asked Chief Momodu to apologize to Davido. Stupid right? Well, David seized the opportunity not just to give the fan the undeserved attention but also to call the Ovation publisher his ‘boy’. ‘Nah my boy,’ Davido replied.

If you thought Davido was drunk while tweeting, you must have been trying to make excuses for his silly remarks. Well, he must have proven to you that he has no plans of growing up soon when Falz premiered a new single on the 7th of April, 2016.
Make no mistake about it, Falz is one of the smoothest music brands in the country at the moment. Great actor, comedian, rapper and MC. He works really hard and smart too. Being a big fan of what he has become after two quality albums and multiple endorsement deals, it is only natural that I would get irritated at any attempt to dent his image. The song ‘Bahd, Badoo, Baddest’ is definitely not one of my favourite songs from the lawyer turned rapper. I understand he tried to exploit the opportunity of doing a song with his pseudonym and its similarity when compared to those of Olamide and Davido. Quite a smart idea but maybe too opportunistic. The song seemed forced as a result of the obvious lack of synergy between the three young artistes.
Once again, Davido made things worse. Instead of writing something worth singing and aligning himself to the beat, he was more interested in taking another swipe at his sworn enemy. “I cover magazine, I cover magazine. I see am for dream, I see am for my dream. Mr Dele na my boy, Dele na my boy…” Davido sang in what was clearly the worst verse of this song as he clearly struggled to keep up with the tempo of the Sess produced beat. For those who have listened to the song, they can tell how unintelligent his verse was. A lovely video was shot for the song which is at best average and once again, Omo Baba Olowo was not shy to parade himself like a village masquerade as he happily delivered his verse in front of the camera.
The earlier Davido surrounds himself with men and women who will be more honest with him, the better for his career. Many people know the truth but few will tell him just because he is Davido. They probably feel they are going to lose this and that by calling him to order. No one remains a star forever but it is best Davido doesn’t contribute to his career nosediving earlier than destined.

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