Saturday, July 09, 2016


By Victor Agbo

Heartbreak; that's a very bad thing to experience.

Have you ever been abandoned in difficult times by the very friends you thought were going to stick with you through your rough seasons? Have you showed love to someone relentlessly but continue to receive the reverse in return? Are you facing the pain of rejection? Or have you lost someone so dear to you? Well, if you have, then I sincerely sympathize with you, because I have come to realize that emotional pain is the worst type of pain one can experience.
Don't be deceived when people come out and begin to carry themselves around like robots. They will tell you words or actions from other people can't hurt them, but it's the biggest lie ever told. Everyone hurts sometimes. It is not that they don't go home and cry their wits out in secret, it's just that it is done in #secret. And who will ever want to tell you what he or she does in secret? Our secrets are actually what make us the lions and lionesses we are outside. But secrets is a topic for another day, my point is just that everybody hurts. There's no exception. That's what makes us human.

And even scientists have proven through research that emotional pain hurts more than physical pain.

Many things might come to mind when one is in pain. It goes into your head and you begin to ask, why. But remember that God created us in his own image, so even being the almighty he is, he still suffers from heart break as well. We are all emotional beings.

If you've read the books of the Old Testament in the Bible, you'll notice the happenings to be similar to what happens when two people are in a relationship and the love that should be between them is not well reciprocated. Take yourself for example; you'll catch a grenade, throw your hands on a blade or even jump in front of a train for this beautiful damsel who tells you she'll do the same for you, only for you to catch her messing around with Polycarp.  And then your heart is broken. She #might return in tears, apologise, you take her back and everything seems rosy again (Please remember I said “Might return”. And if you're a female reader, please just reverse the example and imagine it’s you who caught the same dude you'll give everything for, messing around with Mary-Rose). It's all a love story. In fact, the entire bible is a love story and God also finds himself heartbroken most times.

And in the New Testament you can see how those closest to Jesus deserted him when he needed them the most; he suffered betrayal. Even God himself looked away from him as he was nailed to the cross. And so what did Jesus do? He cried. He was heartbroken because even his father deserted him. And you might also be interested to know that Jesus also cried at the tomb of Lazarus, his dear friend who passed away. Indeed, letting yourself loose and shedding tears when a loved one passes away is no sign of weakness at all. It just shows you're human.
Honestly, I can't remember ever recounting physically painful experience and shedding a tear. Once the physical pain is gone, it's gone. But as I write this, I'm reliving painful experience. My eyes can no longer hold the ocean of tears; it's streaming down. That's what emotional pain does to you. It breaks your heart. It leaves you heartbroken.

But is heartbreak the end of the world? The answer is no. Your heart will #always be broken, and I mean always. But never let #anyone break your soul, and I mean anyone.

I like to define a broken-hearted person as a person leaping from a lower ground to a higher one, because as we all know, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

However, I see someone with a broken soul as someone who tried to leap from a lower ground to a higher ground but fell through the cracks in-between and is struggling to even get to the lower ground again.

Please beloved, I beg you in the name of whatever you believe in, don't let anything in the entire world break your soul. No matter what happens, #never let them get to your soul. Heartbreak is normal and inevitable, but you have the power to decide whether your soul will be broken or not.

No matter how painful heartbreak might be, don't let it linger. Learn to let go, learn to bounce back, learn to move on, learn to put the past in the past and look into the beauty of the future, learn to always smile, learn to walk tall, learn to be happy and in general I'll say learn to control your emotions, because whether you believe it or not, these little things are what shields you from a soul breaking experience.

Master emotional intelligence and believe me, you'll get to see how beautiful this life really is. Because indeed, life is beautiful.

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