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eLVeektor Speaks To Austinaija In This No Holds Barred Chat

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is eLVeektor! I'm the god!!! (Laughs). Don’t mind me, My birth name is Valentine Tochi Ogbu. I was born sometime in the 90s. I am from Nsukka in Enugu state. I am from a family of 7 (4 guys and 3 girls). I am the 4th born and the 2nd son.

How did you get the name eLVeektor?
I Started out as Lil’ Val. That was back in my secondary school days. When I got into the University, I rebranded to L-V which when you write it is El-Vee…so El Veektor is just cuz I know Victor is a Latin word for conqueror. And I consider myself a winner. And El is like a god in the Mexican world. So am the winning god. (Grins)

You also call yourself Ogbu..
Yes! Ogbu is actually my last name and you know that in Igbo culture your last name or surname is like the first name of your great grandfather…or wherever the generation of your last name started out. So I always introduce myself as Ogbu to often show respect to the generation that gave birth to eLVeektor. Besides Ogbu when directly translated to English is a killer. So I kill everything. (Laughs)

Why rap?
I love rap because it gives me enough room to express myself with words. I try to sing from time to time though just that I think am a better rapper or what do you think?

At what point did you begin to see yourself as a rapper?
I have always seen myself as a rapper. Rap influenced me more than any other genre of music. I started off listening to 50 cent, Eminem, Jay Z, Nas, DMX, LL Cool J, Wu Tang Clan… I even had a friend (Xploit) who introduced me to Talib Kweli, Common and Mos Def back then. So in order to master the craft I had to go back and listen to IceCube, Dre…the whole NWA plus more. I wanted to be a gangsta I guess (Laughs)

But that’s not how your music or sound is..
Yes! Things changed immediately I started seeing music as a business and I want to really impact on my fellow Nigerians so I had to come to the level they can relate to. It’s even better now. I am me and I don’t have to start speaking phonetics. (Laughs)

What time in your life did you decide to make a career out of music?
I’ve always thought it will be good to do what I love for a living. I’ve thought about acting, dancing, comedy or even modeling….just entertainment. It’s hard for me to picture myself as a banker, teacher, doctor etc. But when you grow older, you will see that you must find a way to make money because that’s all that mostly matter when responsibilities come knocking. I hope I don’t sound ignorant because I want to be straight and honest or as blunt as I can be. But it's really important that we live a fulfilled life.

What challenges and resistance have you faced since you chose to become an artiste?
It all boils down to financial challenges. Remember you have to pay a producer for a beat, pay for studio session and studio engineering, pay for promo, pay for your video shoot and also pay to promote the video. Aside talent, you will always need money. It’s not easy o but I can’t stop supporting myself. I am all I have.

What does your family think about your music?
My family has been supportive the best way they can. I was raised from a typical African family. My Dad cares so much about education. So he made sure we all went to the best schools in town. We even got to have private lessons after school, most times he will teach us himself. So you won’t be surprised if he thinks my involvement in music is a waste of time. My mum is peaceful and will support you …so far it’s not a bad thing. My brothers and sisters all like my songs. They all agree that I have what it takes to be out there. The elderly ones, sometimes send me money to finance my music and the younger ones will always use my promo pics as DP/profile pics…spread my download links online. I owe them a lot for the love.

Can you tell us your biggest rap influences ever?
Errrr…. I can’t say… I listen to a lot of rappers...old and new, international or local. But shout out to CDQ, Reminisce, Mr Raw and Phyno.
In Nigeria, corporate bodies largely associate more with Pop artistes than Hip-hop artistes. Why do you think things are this way?
Well… in my opinion, it's business and the corporate body will always go with the people’s choice. We are in Africa… people associate more with afro pop stars because of the groovy sound. Even most of the selling rap songs have groovy sound. You don’t need to stress for you to enjoy the song. Sometimes it’s in a language you don’t understand but you still like it because it’s groovy or dance-able. Koredo Bello’s Godwin will always sell more than any other Nigerian rap song that was made at the same time range. Rap is still growing and we are beginning to slowly find our footing. With the recent wave in rap songs…we are classifying our rap genre slowly. It’s not just Nigeria. It’s in the world. Taylor Swift will always get more Grammys than Kendrick Lamar.

Which underground rappers in Nigeria are you currently feeling the most?
I listen to a lot of underground rappers. Most of who are my friends. Or some I just admire because I know soon they will win big. I fuck with you once you are real and true to your hustle. You have to look out for Chino, Shakez, Rap Dibia, Prose, …lots of them. You never can tell who tomorrow will give birth to. Everybody dey work hard.

Tell me about your love life…Do you have a girlfriend?
Errrrr…. I don’t even know. I have friends and they are all bae. I am waiting for love to strike me like BOOOM!!! (Laughs).

Have you ever been in any relationship?
Yeah! I have.

­What happened?
Errr…. Shit happened!

Do you have any celebrity crush?
Yes!!! I love Simi. You know that Falz and Simi song -Soldier? I’ve thought about something like that…but way kinky. (Laughs)

What should fans expect from you next?
Hapucha video is dropping soon. My next single is even ready and will be released after the video. I have so many things coming up. But it’s way too early to let the cat out of the bag. But watch out for Hapucha Video and my next single –Oya Pose produced, mixed and mastered by Syn X.

I heard Hapucha and I must confess, you killed it!
Thank you. I am glad people like the song.

How did the inspiration for the song come about?
Well, to be honest. I also ask myself the same question. Lol. That happens all the time. When am recording, I get lost in it that I ask myself questions like that after the whole song is made. I guess the spirit in me has no chill. Lol

Where did u shoot the video?
I shot it in Awka, Anambra state. Was shot and directed by MelvinKeyz. I met him through my manager Kiadin. A young blood and a real hustler too. I am glad I worked with him.

Tells us more about the video
You have to wait till it drops to get more answers for your questions. lol

Your dream collabo

In your opinion, what’s the greatest hip-hop beef of all time?
Falz and Vic O…lmao

What label or management are you currently signed on to?
Am unsigned. Am ma own army!

The biggest stage you have performed on?
Star Trek…Etisalat CliqFest… I was also in the last year’s Hennessy Artistry Cypher

Is it okay for rappers to sing every now and then?
Mehn… Do whatever gets you paid and just keep it real. That’s where I stand

Who is the most overrated Nigerian rap artiste?
Vic O??? Lmao

What are your rituals before going into a recording booth?
Nothing really… I record almost all the time…so it’s not like a big deal anymore. I have a microphone in my room so I can just wake up by midnight and decide to do a jam. And I don’t indulge in drugs if that’s what you are asking. Infact … I do better when am sober. I don’t indulge.

Your fan base is growing organically, any words or promises to your fans?
I promise not to let them down for a second. I will keep it real till am 6ft down!!!

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