Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Next For Boogey and Paybac?

Hell no! Boogey and Paybac is not the name of a music group but two outstanding rappers and lyricists of their generation.
I started listening to Boogey in 2012, The first Boogey song I actually listened to was 'Beautiful Mind' ft. DJ Klem. I had read that he finished his secondary education at Federal Government College Ijanikin before heading to Morocco for tertiary education. It was when I read that, I realized my sister had previously told me of a secondary school classmate of hers who was set to take over the Nigerian rap scene.

On her next visit to the house, I told her that Boogey is indeed an awesome and intelligently rap artiste. She was quite upset and understandably so. "Did I not tell you before now but you said I was only hailing him because he was my classmate," she said with a mischievous frown on her face. From that moment, I had followed Boogey's career religiously. When I realized he was on the respective mixtapes dropped by Terry Tha Rapman, Mode 9 and M.I in one calendar year, I knew the future of the Nigerian rap scene was right before us. In 2013, 'Sanctum' earned him a Lyricist On The Roll nomination at the Headies.
Paybac? I have known him since my University days. I think he was the only guy in the entire University of Nigeria, Nsukka who had his big headphones on every single time and talked to himself while walking on the road. I later got to find out that he wasn't always talking to himself but was always rapping. Sometimes, he was in the company of another budding rap artiste, Barzini. Those guys ate, drank, slept and lived hip-hop. I am not the biggest of hip-hop fans so I would never have taken Paybac and co seriously. Coincidentally, a classmate of mine Rebel Chuck was managing Paybac at the time. He sent me 'Gidi Lights'; Paybac featured another outstanding rapper, Random (who is now a journalist) on that one. I still listen to Gidi Lights till this very day and every single time the song comes on, it hurts me that such a great tune has no video. Deep within, I felt 'Gidi Lights' was a fluke. Few years later, that perception changed as Paybac began dropping one mixtape after another. 
Three mixtapes and one album is no joke! His 'Broken Speaker Symphony' mixtape which was released in 2014 was proof that indeed Paybac is not just a great rap artiste but also a phenomenal writer. Two mixtapes (The Iboro Tape and The Other Side Of The Radio) followed and Paybac has still not disappointed

Boogey on his part has gained more prominence over the years. Co-signs have come his way from all angles and that's not because he is very political but simply because he is intelligent and has put in a lot of good old-fashioned work. Like Paybac, Boogey also has three mixtapes to his credit; Art-ificial Intelligence, T.I.N.A.A (This is not an acronym) and Irregularly Scheduled Problem. The only album to Boogey's credit is the also the sole album to Paybac's credit. Great minds think alike and it wasn't surprising but was really exciting when the duo under the pseudonym, The Lost & Found teamed up in 2016 for a joint album titled 'Face Off'.

Everytime I listen to both rappers, I feel I am cheating those who haven't listened to them. Too many well written and properly delivered songs from the rappers but inadequate visibility in the Nigerian music scene. Their fan base has grown organically over the years which is indeed a great thing but I would love to see them invest more in digital marketing of their songs. I would love to see them attend a few more shows and also perform at those. No doubt, they need to source for funds to shoot a few quality videos at least. I don't expect to drop videos for every song like Kcee of Five Star Music but I see no reason why a song like BBQ and Shayo should not have a video soon. From details available at the time of writing this, both artistes are independent. It is still not clear how Boogey's business relationship with Aboriginal Music came to an end but the rapper has since moved on. Olamide is proof that you can triumph as an independent artiste in Nigeria. However, you can't do it alone. Paybac and Boogey need a small and effective team which will at least comprise of a PR sub-team and a good manager. 

I don't know it all but I think they can start with the above recommendation as their evolution goes on. In Boogey and Paybac, I see two young men who will end their respective music careers as legends.

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