Sunday, April 17, 2016

Why Does Gender Equality Favour Only The Female?

So an ardent reader of this blog, Victor Uba sent me a mail with an article originally titled: Why Does Gender Equality Favour Only The Female? Aren't men human too?

In order not to kill the originality of his article, I will just share it exactly how he sent it. Read what he wrote below and let's have your thoughts.

So today i'm on my bed and thinking of how men these days are being marginalised by the female folks cos it is widely believed that women are the weaker vessel, less fortunate, less opportune, and gravely prone to domestic violence. Well men too go through all these. Everyone is screaming gender equality yet, a lot of men are side lined cos they don't have v*jays. Despite how intelligent these male folks are,They are being put aside and rejected. This is so wrong!! The one that hurts now is females killing their husbands in domestic misunderstandings. You remember that lawyer woman that killed her husband cos he was cheating on her? Well she hasn't been convicted. Isn't that part of domestic violence? Must the man always be d culprit. From where i stand, domestic violence is a two way thing. Lemme share my personal experience; .....I used to date a girl that was a control freak, always wanting me to play to her tune, but i'm a strong headed guy. It resulted to lots of abuses from her end. I have never hit a woman and wouldn't try it even if it was d last thing on earth to do for survival. I remember a time she literally was choking my neck, and wouldn't let go, asking me to fight back. I was able to free myself from her grip cos of my size. That was the last time she ever saw me. Imagine getting married to such woman. We are humans and we tend to snap at some point. Imagine her husband being pressurised so much to beating her despite he's avoidance .I'm very such one day he would snap and hit d f*ck out of her,and girls like that would wanna retaliate and guess what? it might be bloody. She would then say he was hitting me and i was defending myself and that's how they would let her go,all cos she's a woman and it is widely believed that, womenfolks are molested and only victims of domestic violence. I think this is gross nuisance and indeed fallacious to the highest level. You cant scream for gender equality...yet, deprive one of gender fairness just b'cos it is widely believed he's the stronger one(The strength of a man shouldn't be a Myth created by the gods of the female*grins*). Sometimes i don't blame Caitlin Jenner for her transformation,the formerly known man was overly abused in his own house cos he didn't have boobs and v**jays. My niccur went to get one since he had the money(what I'd call psychological identical abuse,since the supposed abuse affected the abused psychological decision,thus making him a fairy princess).There are several forms of abuse done to men that aren't looked upon(common ones are to immaculate). Sincerely i would never buy into the gender equality rants, cos believe me i have never been treated fairly against a woman. I went for an audition and they made The males wait under the sun for more than 5hours while The females sat under canopies. Shouldn't it be 1st come 1st served. So men are not allergic to sun but women are, right? That's just a display of gender inequality and abuse against men. But nobody thought it was wrong cos we are men! Not after going through all i'm going through as a man,would you then expect me not to have some sort of superiority over a female that hasn't experience life from my perceptive. Not saying we humans shouldn't be treated fairly and given a fair chance despite our gender. What i'm saying is; If you all are screaming gender equality, its not just the females that should benefit from it, it should vaguely apply to everyone both male and female with no special preference given to the females. Thanks and God bless you all. Happy Sunday.

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