Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dear Daddy Freeze, Is Your Brain Still Active?

Dear Daddy Freeze, is your brain still active?

A freezing letter to Daddy Freeze:
I have been following your posts and comments on social media, and sometimes I wonder if your brain is still active. With regard to your latest post, that we should not blame the President based on the ongoing Fulani herdsmen’s killings, well, I have reservations about that:

Dear Freeze, if we don’t blame President Buhari, who then do we blame? You or your Cool FM boss?
Don’t just post things you don’t know the implications on social media just because you want to still remain active in the industry.

The President as the Head of State should be blamed for whatever happens in the country. As the President, he wears the crown. That’s the simple fact. If you can’t act, you move away!

Because a lot of people were killed during the past administration, doesn’t justify the reason why the killings should continue… The problem is that we don’t have value for human lives, that’s why the Government is also too slow to act.

Freeze, for 7 months now, my DSS brother went missing in Lagos with 6 other DSS officers, and the Nigerian Government they were working for has not responded to the situation… Please, who do I blame? You? Or your boss?

It is high time you moved from radio to start your own life, which I believe will surely upgrade your reasoning. Next time you want to put out some shits on social media, please do apply a little of your common sense, that’s if you still have any, because I always freeze out each time I read them.

Note: You are not safe when your neighbour’s house is on fire; wait till it gets to your zone, let’s see who you will blame!


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  1. "...for 7 months now, my DSS brother went missing..." is really scary!
    Nobody in the country knows about this! If this can happen to DSS officers, what about civilians?!


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