Sunday, March 06, 2016


By Chuks Obima

Careful where you go
cos you don't know when you'll go
eat to your fill, don't worry, tomorrow you'll gym
Think of your will, before you go

cause all these love birds that sing for you now, are nothing but vultures
Waiting for you to fall so they can eat your carcass
They act like they love until you are no more
they will smile at your front but deep down you nothing but carcass
that they want to feed on, they are just vultures
Be careful how you roll
be careful with who you roll
Drive real real slow
Try not to go so soon
Take life slow, where are we rushing to
Enjoy your drink, take a cup or two
cos the friends you think are with you are nothing but vultures
They'll tell those boys to rob you if they know you got small cash
those girls will leave you when you lose your small cash
Your aunties, uncles will let you to suffer
they'll tell you, I'm sorry, I wish I got more cash
But when you die, they'll buy expensive casket and later share your mattress
They'll tell your wife to leave, turn her to an outcast
They won't care if your kids go to school
or how they are feeding at all
All they want is to share all you had
Vampires feeding that's all
So be careful.... the angels you think you know, they are nothing but Vultures

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