Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Experience At The Prison

By Humphrey Chidinma


Hello readers, I've an interesting experience to share!

So today my musical family from THE BELIEVERS LOVEWORLD took a trip to the was a day I really tried avoiding bcos I've never been to a police station talk more of a prison.
Well, I finally got there and immediately we entered the reception fear gripped me & I went into serious panic mainly because new inmates had just been sent in from the court and they looked CHARGED & ready to attack anyone they sight, I nearly screamed to be allowed to go back home but my friend encouraged me.
As we entered their main domain, I could hear the numerous men making fun of us ( you knw the kind of noise you hear in peace park) "see her waist" etc
& I asked again "can't we just leave out gift items and turn back" well we couldn't we had gone too far to turn bk...

However, our presence had already been announced to the BLW inmates and they were all seated waiting, I stepped into a hall filled with the most handsome & calm faces I've ever seen...a colleague whispered "those are my school mates, MEDICAL students" I tried not to show my shock to avoid sending a wrong msg...all I could think of is that A PERSON'S PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES WON'T STOP HIM FROM ENTERING JAIL ONCE YOU'RE FOUND GUILTY OF A CRIME.
Few minutes later, as we all sang and danced in our HOLY GHOST PARRRYY, I couldn't help but observe that contrary to what many of us think, these people were mighty worshippers and praisers, dancing happily as if they had just been freed. Their vocalists and instrumentalists were tooo excellent, for a minute I forgot I was inside the prison! Despite their situations, they were hopeful that that isn't the end for them. WHAT IS THAT SITUATION STEALING UR JOY? If prisoners could praise and dance to God like people that were drunk, I don't blive any situation should stop you & I from praising God.

We weren't allowed to take pictures,  I really wished I did, you would've been marvelled! We all cried as they ministered to us through songs, they even prayed and spoke in tongues.
Finally, I entered the prison scared bcos we judgemental people all see them as criminals that know nothing but how to steal, kill, rape etc &&  even when they come out we disassociate ourselves from them as EX-CONVICTS but today I experienced a life changing moment, I'll never forget today, I met the happiest most lively ppl today && I pray God to comfort their families & loved ones till they return, I also pray God to take away grudges & thoughts of revenge when they're freed so they can be better people in the society! 

 In addition, dear Nigerian youths, please you're too precious to be wasting behind bars, in as much as the inmates displayed joy in God's presence, the prison environment isn't a nice place for anyone to be all you can in all the ways you can to stay away from criminal activities! 
For you whose situation is soo depressing, you're ALIVE & FREE, be HOPEFUL, there's victory for you in that situation.

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