Tuesday, January 19, 2016

'You made me and I'm sincerely grateful': Basketmouth Reflects On The Journey So Far

He is arguably's most influential comedian. He has got a number of endorsement deals and he hosts the biggest shows in the continent. Basketmouth has become a household name but it wasn't all rosy for him when he launched his comedy career.
After his latest endorsement deal with Malta Guinness, he took to Instagram where he shared a short write-up about his journey so far.

Here's what he wrote:

"I really was just that boy down the road with nothing more than a big dream and a bigger God...turns out that's all anyone really needs.
He raised men to favour me, gave me talent that is making way for me and bringing me before kings.
When I look back, I can't tell how I got here but the one thing I know is that every single person that has bought a cd with my face on the cover, attended my concert, cheered me on, liked my post, clicked the ' follow' button, laughed at my jokes, taken a selfie, said 'hello' on the streets, waved from a distance, criticised me constructively, told me the truth, loved me....every single one of you.

I wish I knew every name or could remember every face, but in my heart, that's where you live. You made me, and I'm sincerely grateful.
To every brand that I represent, it's an honour. I'm proud to be by your side, this is only just the beginning because that boy down the road, he's still the same guy...still armed with a big dream, and an even bigger God."

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