Saturday, January 23, 2016

Quit Moaning About Will Smith's Portrayal Of Bennet Omalu

L-R: Will Smith, Bennet Omalu and Concussion director - Peter Landesman
I have watched Dr Bennet Omalu categorically state that Will Smith did a phenomenal job with portraying him in the movie Concussion.

I have also heard or read about some Nigerians who have never taken a little time to watch or hear Dr Omalu speak come out to moan about Will Smith not getting his Nigerian accent and mannerisms right in the movie.
I just wonder what makes some Nigerians believe that every one of Nigerian descent has a 'Nigerian accent'. Dr Omalu has been in USA for over two decades now and does not sound so Nigerian.

Infact, judging from his interviews Dr. Omalu who is a naturalized citizen of America appears to consider himself more American than Nigerian. I also believe he wouldn't have loved to be portrayed with a 'Nigerian accent' or 'Nigerian mannerism' which I doubt he really has.

Will Smith took weeks and possibly months to study the character and mannerisms of Dr. Omalu and even went as far as watching him perform four autopsies or so.

Dr Omalu makes it very clear that America made him after corruption chased him away from Nigeria. So, let's not grumble if an American portrays him the way they understand him.

Quit the moaning!

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