Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Perpetua Nkwocha Is Helping Afghan Migrants In Sweden

Nigeria female football legend, Perpetua Nkwocha is currently a player-coach at Swedish Women's Football Division 2, club, Clemensnäs IF.

This winter, the 40-year-old who is a five-time winner of the African Women Championship took it upon herself to coach a group of Afghan teenagers who are part of the hundreds of young migrants who have arrived in the town in recent months.

Since November 2015, she has been providing those youths with better knowledge about the round leather game.

"I feel that it's similar - which is why I have to try to make them happy, because I know where they came from.
"I feel so glad that I connected with them and we started this project together.
"We try to make them feel welcome, try to make them feel happy, try to make them get friends and associate with other Swedish," Perpetual Nkwocha told the BBC.

One of the Afgahn teenagers named Habibullah has this to say about the four time African female footballer of the year: "She's a good coach - you see there's many people playing football here and they're really enjoying it. We're all happy"

The project is sponsored by Clemensnäs IF, the Swedish football association and the Swedish church. Speaking about the project, the chairman of  Clemensnäs IF, Jens Karlsson had this to say:

"It is really a way of giving these immigrants and refugees something to do during the day.
"If they love soccer they can come here and practise with Perpetua, who is a great soccer player - so that's the purpose of the whole thing, to help in the immigration of these guys."

Perpetua Nkwocha has lived in Skelleftea for seven years.

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