Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Troubling Video: Senior Nigerian Army Officers Pleading With Shiites

I have never seen such a thing all my life. This video shows what happened over the weekend when members of the Shiite sect barricaded a road in Zaria when the Chief of Army Staff, General Burutai and his convoy were about passing through.

In the video, you can see senior army officers come down from their vehicle to plead with the members of the sect for right of passage on the public road.
Even when some of the soldiers were about to open fire on members of the sect, a Colonel is seen yelling 'Don't fire'. He then goes ahead to negotiate with members of the sects but it appears all that was to no avail.

The video appears incomplete however as there happens to be a skip in series of events. Some parts of the video appeared to have been cut off. From the negotiations, we suddenly see burning tyres on the road and the convoy driving beside the road. Someone is even heard saying: "Oga said you should count all the dead bodies" towards the end of the video

The matter is currently being looked into by the National Human Rights commission.


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