Thursday, December 10, 2015

Time To Reap... Sugarboy Has Overpaid His Dues

I feel devastated when I hear people refer to an artiste who has worked tirelessly for years to be referred to as a newbie.

G-WorldWide Entertainment houses one of Nigeria's most exciting emerging musical talent, Kiss Daniel.

However, there is an even more exciting singer signed to the label and that's Sugarboy (formerly known as A1). He has shown you the stuff he is made of on DJ Shabsy's Raba and his joint track with label mate - Kiss Daniel, Molue. If you felt his performance on both songs were great, there is more from where that came.

You remember Mode 9's 2009 hit, Badman? You remember the hook of Badman? That was Sugarboy (then referred to as A1). Sugarboy later went on to release his own version of the song which he titled Swaggerman Dope. Swaggerman Dope video could easily go down as the worst video directed by Sesan though.

You remember Beazy's Fifty Naira, Hundred Naira song? Sugarboy was the man on the hook. Where is Beazy by the way? Story for another day. Sugarboy also had songs like Eyen Eka and Sade.

I believe G-WorldWide Entertainment is currently focused on pushing the Kiss Daniel brand. Hopefully, Kiss Daniel will drop his debut album and more videos in 2016.

Afterwards, I expect Sugarboy to storm the industry with solo singles and videos. His talent is not in doubt and I really hope he becomes an A-list artiste really soon. Sugarboy has sown a lot and his time to reap is really close at hand.



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