Saturday, December 12, 2015

An Open Letter To Governor Willie Obiano

An Open Letter To Governor Willie Obiano From Osuchukwu Mark Anthony 

Dear Governor Obiano, with tears in my heart and pain in my eyes, I wish to ask you some questions.
Your godfather Peter Obi gave you power few months back and within your first 100 days you made wonderful achievements like making me see the first set of working street lights in the state. 

Everyone prayed a positive prayer for your government and prayed a negative one for your enemies. As time went on, the drumbeat changed from that fast rap track to a slow R&B track. Things have halted, those praises have gone sour, countless tantrums have been flung in your direction, and your name elicits hisses, shoulder heaving and finger snapping.  The truth is: over sixty percent of the masses cannot be lying against you and your sycophantic aides. It is true! This is not what we bargained for at all!

I want to know why you have decided to frustrate lawyers in your state and subject them to a state of professional misery.

I want to know why the state civil servants have been turned to charity workers who work and don’t receive pay.

I also want to know why you changed from that sweet Willie that we cherished to another brand of Willie that we abhor. 

Nwannem what is the problem? The civil servants are hungry, the judiciary workers are hungrier and you have the time to put up Christmas lights in Upper Iweka. For gini? A hungry man has absolutely nothing to do with aesthetics. 

Our bus passed Upper Iweka last night and that place was looking like Las Vegas. Passengers hissed and cursed even after we passed there. To a very huge extent, I think your government is suffering priority misplacement. First things first! Peoples bank accounts are red and you are busy decorating the city. Ogini di? It is only a fool that brushes his teeth before eating raw onions. I don’t want to believe that the state is a fool biko.

Do the right thing. I know it is very difficult to behave like a human being when one is in power but I believe you can do it because you did it in your first hundred days in office.
Call off the strike. Pay people. Then, you might want to make Anambra state Los Angeles.

Daaalu nwannem!

Mr. Banks

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  1. Nice one Mr. Banks.
    I guess he hears you.
    upper iweka Los Angeles??


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