Friday, November 06, 2015

Security Alert! Criminals Devise New Robbery Method

Fellow Nigerians, kindly be aware that some robbers now operate under the guise of cab drivers.

CNBC Africa presenter and producer, Onyi Sunday took to Facebook where she wrote about the ordeal her cousin's unsuspecting neighbor recently faced. This may help you:

"SECURITY ALERT!! PH Pips please BEWARE!! My cousin just narrated her neighbour's ordeal with a robber tonight. The Lady stepped out to get a taxi. She got into one and after a while he pulled a gun on her and took her belongings.
He collected her ATM card drove her to a bank and asked her for pin. Locked her in the car and threatened to kill her if the pin was wrong. After withdrawing all he was allowed for the day, he got back into the car , drove her to a lonely Street, told her to get out and threw a 1000 Naira at her to use at Transport fare to her house.
A lot crossed my mind; Why didn't she scream for help, besides it was just her and the driver.
When he stepped out to use the ATM, why didn't she escape or scream for bank security to come to her aid. Then it dawned on me; Major Disorientation can occur when you are looking at the end of a Gun.
I was going to say ; Let's be vigilant, but hey......we need to move around and anyone would consider a taxi the safest means . That said it's impossible to forsee the cab Guy would be carrying a gun.
My cousin was a victim Last year. The robbers are back. PH is not safe. While we look up to God for safety, our security forces need to step up."

Though she wrote this as a warning to Port Harcourt residents, I know this happens in other cities like Lagos too. A former classmate had a very similar experience around the Mile 2 area of Lagos last year. According to that classmate of mine, she said it was one of these unregistered cabs known as 'Kabu Kabu' in local parlance.

My advice: Use more of registered cabs as it reduces the risk of such incidents. Also board taxis from the approved parks. It will be difficult for robbers to mingle with the taxi drivers union after-all so the chances of such incidents are largely reduced.

My plea: Just as Onyi Sunday said, our security agencies need to step up.

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