Thursday, November 19, 2015

Security Alert: Beware Of Free Rides

What's written on this vehicle says it all
With the current economic situation and biting hardship being faced by Nigerians coupled with the recent scarcity of PMS,  it is commonplace to see the average Nigerian beg for a free ride while going to or returning from work.

There are also good citizens who offer to help stranded passengers with a free ride or 'lift' as we call it and with no strings attached.
Sadly,  some criminal elements have adopted this strategy to rob, humiliate and even rape unsuspecting victims.
I was out yesterday and I heard a woman who told a gory tale of how some stranded Lagos ladies were offered a free ride. They got raped and robbed in the vehicle and were then dropped off on the 3rd mainland bridge naked. Not even their undies were spared,  stark naked!
She went on to explain that in a case where the bastards pick up stranded men,  they rob them of all their belongings and drop them off in a deserted place,  sometimes naked too.
It is so sad that we live in a time when you can't trust the next man.
Let's just all be careful please especially the ladies as I hear you all are a more susceptible breed.
Peace and love!

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