Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mourinho Reveals His Preferred Position For Hazard

Despite playing Eden Hazard in a central attacking midfield position during the victory over Norwich last weekend, Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes that is not the best position for the skillful Belgian.

“I think his best position is the position where last season he was the player of the season.
“With confidence levels high and with the team playing well I think it’s his best position. In that No 10 position, he can also do it. He’s trying a lot. We could feel that he tried against Norwich, and he’s OK, he’s improving.”

The under-pressure Chelsea manager went on to explain why he believes the left-wing position is the best for the 24-year-old.

“Because he can attack defenders more in an individual way. When he gets the ball it’s more about him attacking the right-back and the right-back is ­always in trouble against a player who has his best quality in a one-against-one.

“When he plays at No 10, he gets into areas where sometimes he is surrounded by teams who play zonal with two or three players in the same zone.

“Many times he receives the ball with his back to the opponents and I know he can turn well, but I also know that players can be very aggressive with him and press him from behind and make lots of fouls like he always had. He can do both things. Let’s see match after match what we think is the best for him.”

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