Monday, November 23, 2015

El Clasico Humiliation: Mourinho Refuses To Criticize Real Madrid

Real Madrid suffered a humbling defeat on Saturday, 21 November, 2015 when they got disgraced at home by Barcelona.
Speaking ahead of his side's champions league match against Maccabi Tel Aviv, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho refused to criticize his former club.

"Look, I'm going to say exactly what I was saying at my table at lunch. I left Chelsea in 2007 at the end of September. And I was waiting eight months to work again when I went to Inter.

"During that period I gave zero interviews. Not one word about Chelsea, or the clubs in trouble, or the clubs where the coach was losing matches. I closed my mouth for eight months.

"Football is for people in football to talk about. In this moment, I see so many people speaking especially about the clubs in trouble. It's amazing the lack of respect and ethics. If I speak about Real Madrid, I speak when they are winning. Not when they are losing.

"So, from me, words about the Clasico? Zero. I don't enjoy other people losing matches. I enjoy my club winning matches. I don't smile with defeats for other teams. I smile with my victories. That's why I've not smiled a lot in the last four or five months."

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