Friday, October 30, 2015

You Are The Guy Na...

By Franklin Ofodeme

...when I got to the park, a few passengers were in the bus, but the front seats were empty. The sun was mean and directly on one of the front seats. I sat on the other seat, next to the driver. A few seconds later, this lady came to board.

was very tall, fair, slim and beautiful with curves everywhere.
She smiled at me with that kind of smile women wear when they know they are beautiful and want to use the beauty to gain favour and asked, 'would you like to sit there or you want to sit here? She pointed at the seat which the sun was tormenting. She had a good command of the English Language. I replied, 'no thanks. I am fine here. I deliberately sat away from the sun.' She entered and sat next to me, directly under the sun. We started waiting for other passengers.

A few seconds later, she turned to me with that appealing smile that comes with too much load of charms and said, 'please let us swap seats. The sun is too much and it is directly on me'. She was even touching my right thigh. Regardless of the fact that ‪#‎WillieHasRefusedToWork‬, and I was supposed to be angry, I replied calmly 'there are vacant seats behind and the sun doesn't get to them, why not go sit on one of those seats?. She replied, 'I just want to sit in the front'. I said, 'oh! Okay'.

A little while later she still turned to me, this time without a smile and said, 'why can't you be a gentleman and let me sit there? I turned to face her directly and because of the rubbish of the situation, it appeared to me most of her charms and beauty had vanished. I asked, 'are you serious? You really want me to get up from here and sit under the sun, while you take my position...why exactly? And she replied, 'you are the guy na'.

I can't recall my exact response after that, but I don't think it was righteous. The point I want to make is this; I believe in equal rights, status and equal everything. If you are looking for a preferential treatment, just because you are a woman, but still make noise about feminism, you are a joker. The man is not meant to suffer while the woman is meant to be pampered. We are all equal, abi? Say no to male abuse and discrimination, today!

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  1. Nice one, this is exactly the fight I've been on via my facebook: that gendre superiority that the female impose on the male often in disguise of woman empowerment and feminism. We know we ain't naturally equal cos we ain't d same, we all have our strengths and weakness in every gendre, but gendre superiority amongst women should be discouraged greatly


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