Thursday, October 08, 2015

Get Paid To Answer Your Phone Calls

Ever wondered how to do more with your mobile phone seeing as it is literally everywhere with you? 

Well, think no further as Android phone users in Nigeria have more exciting stuff to look forward to with the launch of the MyAds app.
The recently unveiled app “MyAds”, a product of SiDon Media Ltd. is an app that enables its users host ads on their android phones.

This means that, ads are displayed on an android user’s incoming call screen and answered calls with call durations of 20 seconds or more are rewarded with points. Further interaction with the after call screen gains the user additional points on the same call.

These points when accumulated can be converted to airtime. The conversion process is in-app, seamless and immediate.

The MyAds app is informative, interactive and lights up your incoming call screen beautifully.

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