Sunday, October 11, 2015

Abort 'It'

You don't like the topic, don't read. 

It is very funny hearing people talk against abortion and more so when it's backed with religious reasons. Well considering religion is funny itself I'm not too surprised. The usual story is you are murdering a child. You know people are always vexed when a child is killed because of the innocence and they only get angrier when the child isn't even born yet. 

My question is when does "it" becomes a child? At what stage in the whole process does a sperm cell become a child because from the definition of a child, It's a "person" between the stages of birth and puberty. So don't blame me when I feel like slapping people saying you killed an "unborn child" . To me there are like Tom Cruise in the movie, Minority Report saying I did something before it even came to be. 

So back to the question when is "it" considered a child? When it's still sperm? Then 99% of guys are murderers and some are just Hitlers considering how often some guys do the thing. Or is it at the stage of just an egg in the ovum? Then girls murder monthly. Is it when the egg is fertilized? Or two weeks or 3 months? Or its during Labour? That's a question that I doubt you can answer. So for me, the only sensible way to know when to abort, is based on the effect to the carrier and the decision of those responsible. 

Some women die during Labour because of the religious stand, they would rather risk their lives than abort the baby. Some youths, ruin their lives because of these beliefs. You force yourself to give birth to a child and then your life including that of the child is in a mess. Shame on all those who make them go through all this. 

I am not advocating you go on a sex and abortion spree. Abstain if you can, use condom if you can't and if somehow somewhere pregnancy gets in the picture and you are not ready for the baby, get to a professional and get an abortion. 

If you find your spouse in a life threatening situation and you have to choose between her life and your religious or moral beliefs, choose her every time. Don't feel guilty about it. There is nothing to be guilty about .

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