Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Super Traffic Warden, Josephine Okeme Gets Nominated As #MadeOfBlack Hero

Most times I pass through this part of Yaba Lagos , I see this amazing traffic warden controlling the flow of traffic enthusiastically.
She loves her job and appears so tidy, fit, and animated always. The jovial Josephine Okeme is so exciting to watch that you hope the traffic lasts for a while so you can watch her do her thing.
Often times, you notice motorists cheering her on as they drive by. She is definitely a hero and I am really happy people recognize her efforts.

God bless you ma'am.

She is all about greatness and that's why some good people have nominated her as a Guinness ‪#‎MadeOfBlack hero for 'directing flow rather than watching traffic happen'

Moral of the story: No good deed goes unnoticed. Keep being the best you could be in your little constituency and God will find a way to bless your efforts.

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