Monday, September 28, 2015

Mercy Ajisafe's Thoughts On The Plight Of The Modern Day African Woman | Must Read

Cool FM presenter, Mercy Ajisafe is an occasional writer as her Instagram bio states and she has proven that with this insightful piece about the challenges of the modern day woman and of course, 'the deplorable behaviour of the modern day man'.

She shared the piece on social media and it goes thus:

"Sometimes I wonder why society seems hell bent on ignoring how difficult the plight of the modern day African woman is. The world is rapidly expanding and evolving, yet we are expected to adhere to the same value systems of our mothers and grandmothers. Despite the fact that there are very few 'men' left in the traditional sense.

Our fathers and forefathers were leaders, teachers, providers and facilitators who understood their duties, and executed them with pride. In my opinion, society not only encourages the deplorable behaviour of the modern day man, but also rewards it. Why do men think that the fact they are men, means that they should be treated as an authority when they possess none of the qualities of men?

Because the truth is if you don't possess the qualities associated with masculinity(strength, integrity, courage, bravery, wisdom, responsibility, reliability, compassion and the desire to protect ones family and partner to name a few), the only thing that quantifies you as a man, is your penis.

I still cannot fathom the concept of a man using a woman for money or opportunities, how on earth do you dare call yourself a man? There are so few men these days(of course women have also lost their way, but as a genuine WOMBMAN, I can only talk for myself) that I am genuinely worried about the future.

What are our options, honestly? Polygamy? Procreation via modern science leading to an abundance of single parents? Honestly, what do we do?"

What's your take on Mercy's write-up?

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