Friday, September 11, 2015

Dear Married Ladies: 13 Ways To Keep Your Cheating Husbands

By Humphrey Chidinma

On behalf of the troubled single ladies, here comes my reply to the married women that come on different social networks to rant about their cheating husbands and abuse every single lady online because your husband chose to cheat on you with one. Yes! I used CHOSE because it was a choice he made, no one forced him to cheat!
Let me ask you, before coming to rant on social networks, did you PRAY about the situation? Did you even calmly talk it over with your husband?

See eh, if your husband is cheating and you find out, you have absolutely no business whatsoever with the girl but your husband, he alone owes you loyalty or any explanation. So stop fighting the wrong party and go back home to settle your matters with your husband or God. 

Truth is, there are many single ladies looking for rich men to take care of them but the most bitter truth is that these Nigerian men are now the ones begging young girls. 

Some deny being married, some say they're divorced, some say you women are cheating thereby ignoring your responsibilities to them, their lies go on and on!
My advice is this...instead of abusing single ladies who might have saved your marriages by saying NO to your men, why not channel the energy into positive things?

1) PRAY for him
2) Look good and attractive
3) Feed him well
4) Spice up your sex life
5) Stop nagging him
6) Leave younger men
7) Make sure you didn't snatch another woman's husband and you are claiming husband
8) Get a job
9) Pay little or no attention to social networks
10) Keep your family matters private
11) Stalk your husband but give him his space
12) Don't ever joke with his PEACE OF MIND
13) Surprise him in his office to give him BJ at least once a week but make sure you give him BJ at home at least once a day..lool
Finally, dear married women, always remember that your husbands are like babies, they'll certainly mess up..but that's why you' re there to CLEAN it up privately not rant on social networks. Or do you think the ones that aren't ranting have perfect homes?

Secondly every man is likened to a dog, if you train your dog well, it will come back to you no matter how many free bones it gets in the market! It all begins and ends with you!!!!!! 

A concerned single Nigerian lady that isn't interested in your husband!

Photo Credit: Daily Stormer

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