Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Strange Feeling

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My bro will say life is life for lack of appropriate words to describe it. And no matter how hard I try to that seems to be the perfect description.

I had a friend who lost her mum and only bro in a matter of months and it touched me. But until mine happened, I realized it grazed me.
Throughout Life, we experience several emotions. But the feeling that comes with losing someone close is not just painful, it's strange and confusing. It's more than a feeling, it sits with you like a person and follows you everywhere like your shadow.

I would have never been able to describe how it feels if I didn't experience it, I'm not sure I still can but it was so overwhelming I had to apologize to a friend of mine for not showing enough care during her time of grief.

 Of course, I called her and sympathized with her then but I now know those couldn't have been enough, nothing is really enough to get that feeling away. No matter the counselling, pretending, praying etc; it stays there lurking and when you are done with all your pretense, it resurfaces.

Initially I thought with time it will walk away but now I'm certain that it won't. With time maybe I will learn to ignore it.

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