Friday, July 31, 2015

New Music | Boogey - Get Down Remix [Mavin Cover]

Boogey is arguably Africa's best rapper and needs no introduction especially to lovers of hip-hop. He jumps on the Mavins' new single, Get Down.
The original single which featured Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks, Di'ja, and Jay Electronica is fire but Boogey has now put fuel to it.
Check out this cover!


See stars when I share a good spliff with the wise men.
Too sick, do a few tricks with the mic then..
..I'm pulling cute chicks if I like em.
If I move quick, drive a new whip, we an item.
IG pics, two clicks and I wife em.
Sparks fly but no fuse lit..and she blew it. .
..cos I talk cool shit with the niceness.
Thanks for making it possible to loop this Mr. Michael.
Now they go down low.
They say they love the lyrics and the flow sound dope.
It's too many women in my radius. Maybe it's.. cos I got enough rope to go round o.

Tryna get in her panties, I am one lie away.
Liar liar till I make the faya bun taya, say..
..i be chilling with the big homie don baba J.
Pretend I Jay elect..
..or president the alumni of IJ elect.
A game, A-List, blood type A I guess.
A-Hole. Ill mind so you feel a nigga fight ALS.
I'm the one. Nothing before, unless you write KRS.

Stay winning in the land of the lost souls.
Stay sinning as I stand on the crossroads.
I think hour glass, coke bottle, yemi alade and. Oh that was random I thought so.
That's a woman that I prolly would toast.
But a nigga broke, don't know how we would cope.
Eba and egusi like jolly good folks..
..or chop white rice like nollywood ghost.

Don't you wanna pay me something.
Wanna see me hustle when i'm eighty something.
Come holla at the boy like play something.
..but dawg, you biting, I feel the rabies coming.
Shout out to my dawgs from cross river state,
Me i'm just outchea looking for Jay-z's cousin..
Your lady coming. Thank me later but
Wife material.. quite inferior.. if I see her in Linda Ikeji comments.

How homo's this.
Rappers doing less spitting, more promo pics..
..and they don't know shit..
..Please step in the ring with Boogey, hear the ding, yell YOLO BISH!

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