Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ghanaian Blogger Is Terribly Upset With Juliet Ibrahim ... But Why?

A close friend of Ghanaian actress and singer, Juliet Ibrahim is very upset with her and has called her out. Wondering who that is? Ghanaian blogger, Chris Vincent Agyapong has slammed the beautiful actress for what he considers an endorsement of a skin-bleaching product.
In recent times, Juliet has been used for a billboard advert for Caritone which is a skin bleaching, lightning or toning (call it whatever) product.

Chris Vincent who blogs at believes that many Ghanaians may be misled into buying such products just because a popular person such as Juliet Ibrahim endorses the product. Here's part of what he wrote on his blog:

Actress-Juliet Ibrahim is of mixed parentage and I’ve heard several rumours that most of our mixed race celebrities stationed in Ghana continuously fiddle with their skin tones, so to remain excessively light—despite the scorching sun and the burning weather.

Of course, we cannot for a fact prove that Juliet Ibrahim does this and I don’t think she does—but what we can boldly do is to condemn her endorsement of bleaching creams such as the above-Carotone, being retailed by Gandour in Ghana.
It’s pathetic to come across a bleaching celebrity but for one to boldly become a poster girl for a bleaching cream; that is diabolical, insensitive and grossly callous—considering the fact that we have a large population of uneducated Ghanaians who would just buy these products for the mere fact Juliet Ibrahim is on there.
I don’t know how much they paid Juliet Ibrahim and I do not care to know—else, I would have asked her. However, I am offensively disappointment to see a mother of one, a well established name with several young followers having seemingly relegated her conscience into the gutters, for the sake of money.

She may be offended by this post—but a friend is the one who calls your BS in your face.
In the past, we’ve had Kafui Danku endorsing the bleaching cream-Fair & White. And when we ‘trashed’ her up here for the deserving blast, she came up with the defense that she did not know F&W was a bleaching cream. My cat even knows this—and equally, you don’t need to be a Dermatologist to know that Caro-TONE, is a damn bleaching cream.
It’s interesting and yet stupid that the billboard makes no sense to any smart person—it looks like a collection of oxymorons. How can a billboard selling Carotone feature expressions like #LoveYourSelf and that is if you did not find the phrase ‘Natural Light’ on Carotone’s billboard distasteful.

You will recall that Chris Vincent is the same Ghanaian blogger who with permission grabbed Juliet Ibrahim's butt in public so as to confirm if she wore butt pads or not. Click HERE if you missed that

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