Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Etcetera: Chocolat Royal Should Be Shut Down Immediately!

Controversial writer, Etcetera Ejikeme has in a a new piece published on his website revealed why Chocolat Royal which was recently reopened should be shut again. This is a must read:

Remember the case between Chocolat Royal and NAFDAC? – Ermmm ok, a quick reminder for those of you who don’t? – it was in the news that Chocolate Royal was shut down by NAFDAC for selling dead products – yes you heard right!! – dead and expired means the same in my dictionary – I don’t know about yours!…

Meaning, those times you tripped your boo out to chocolat royal to prove your love for her – spoon-fed her and kissed her with a mouthful of cake – that cake was dead!!! – Don’t throw up yet boo – you are one of those who went with take-away? – Do you still have some in the refrigerator for a quick snack in-between meals? – You just had some a few minutes ago? – Jeez, now you can puke!!! – Yes dear, go-ahead and puke it all out because it appears that chocolat royal and NAFDAC lied to us all.

Etceteralive got a call from a staff of AIM GROUP, owners of Cool FM, Nigeria info, Wazobia FM and Chocolat Royal claiming that Nigerians are still being poisoned by chocolat royal in colaboration with NAFDAC. The caller also claimed that NAFDAC collected bribe from the choc boys in the region of 500 million naira and authorized them to reopen for business. – The staff who asked that his identity be kept anonymous (for obvious reasons) asked us to inform the public of the evil that is being perpetuated by the Lebanese owners of chocolat royal on unsuspecting Nigerians. According to him, AIM GROUP also sent a backdated letter to NAFDAC to make it look like they had previously requested the help of NAFDAC to rid their warehouse/storehouse of all expired products.

NAFDAC, how market? Since when una begin help people pack their dustbin? Una be LAWMA? Seriously, this is the first time i am hearing of an organization calling on NAFDAC to clear their expired products. I mean, who does that? Common sense says that when your products are expired, you throw them away to make room for fresh supplies. And wetin happen to all those aboki wey dey Victoria Island? Why couldn’t they use them? This whole issue stinks to heaven and back. It calls for a thorough investigation on NAFDAC and the management of Chocolat Royal.

The NAFDAC officials sef nor dey look Uche face at all… why should they? Uche and every other Nigerian can die of food poisoning as long as they make something out of it…


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