Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chelsea Names New Vice-Captain

Big, strong and reliable Serbian, Branislav Ivanovic has been announced as the new vice-captain of English Premier League champions, Chelsea.
He replaces the former vice captain, Petr Cech who has since joined Arsenal. Speaking recently, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho said:
“Ivanovic is more than ready to be a big captain too. More than ready: lots of experience, lots of years at Chelsea, his personality, his character, the respect that he has from the other guys. In John and Ivanovic we have two fantastic captains."
The 31-year-old who has been with the Blues since 2008 has also welcomed the development.
"I am really so happy."
 "I am very proud of that, to be the vice-captain of this team. This is something extra for me, more responsibility, and I will try to do it well for the team.
"I am doing what I was doing before, trying to do my best. I will try to do that in the future as well but basically not a lot of things change. John Terry is the real captain and leader," he said

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