Thursday, July 23, 2015

Awww! Check Out Godwin Tom's Letter To His Unborn Daughter

L-R: Wizkid, Godwin Tom and Waje
Godwin Tom is an artiste manager who has previously worked with the likes of Wizkid, M.I Abaga and Waje.
Check out this short note he sent to his 'future daughter' on Instagram. You will learn a thing or two from this:

Oh dear future daughter... Even a year ago, if someone asked me how I would treat you, my first and immediate response was "I would spoil my daughter... Her mother would be the hard one." Today, I want you to know that I will not spoil you. You will not grow up to be lazy or rude or dependent on people for your self esteem. Twitter and Instagram will not be the places you will get attention and love from. I will teach you what is important. You will have all the things you want in life but you will know what is important and what is not. I won't leave all the work to your mom. I will be here for you always. Birthdays, school plays, graduation events, your first job and your first salary, your first boyfriend (I'm still practicing the hand shake. I should perfect by the time you bring one. See the idea is to shake him hard enough to send shivers down his... Never mind). I will teach you how to love from the way I will love your mother. I will show you how a man should behave so your mistakes are limited. You will make mistakes. Niggas are suckers. We do stupid things a lot of the time regardless of our good intentions. I will teach you principles so you are not easily moved. I will teach you patience so you learn to review situations to make the best decisions in your life. I will teach you moderation.
I will teach you how to climb life's tree so when you fall you would know how to get back up. I will show you how I made my first 1k, 10k, 100k, 1m etc not because I want to brag but because I want you and your brothers to carry on a legacy of hard work and integrity. I'm learning so many things just so I can talk to you at different times and places... See... I'm learning to cook so that I can talk to you in the kitchen. I'm working out to stay fit so you and your friends won't laugh at a fat dad and his pot belly.
I'm working my ass off so you will never ask anyone for food and so that life is a little easier for you. But note that life will throw punches and kicks and some friends you trust will stab you in the back and boys will hurt you... But for as long as I am around, you will always have my shoulders. Always!!!

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