Thursday, July 02, 2015

7 Ways To Bag Amazing Bargains In Port Harcourt

Getting a favourable or awesome bargain could be very cumbersome because sellers and business men are always on the prowl for buyers who they consider or perceive as ‘novice’. They swoop on this so called ‘novice or ‘Jonny Just Come’ (JJC in social parlance) and if the buyer falls for their nagging or sugar coated persuasion; s/he should be assured of paying double or even triple the price.
This kind of business practice is peculiar with metropolitan cities in Nigeria. Port Harcourt, the capital of Rivers state is not an exception. Port Harcourt’s massive development due to the large oil deposit in the state has made it a choice destination for almost., Africa’s No 1 hotels shares 7 ways to get a good bargain in Nigeria’s treasure base.

Bargain with a smile

Being courteous when you either visit a market like Oyigbo market, Oyigbo or Ogbunabali Market in Fimeama or any other outlet; it would help if you smile at the attendance. However, some people would consider this as counter-productive but it really works. Smiling would at least break the ice for you. But don’t smile too much!

Over price

Over pricing a product would ensure that you buy the good at the lowest price possible. If the seller gives you ‘false’ high price, you respond by offering to the pay the lowest price as possible. The trader would definitely tell you to raise your offer. Imagine buying a product for N3,000 when the price you are told is N7,000. That’s how far these traders can go. ‘

Learn some of the local language

Ijaw is one of the major dialect spoken in Port Harcourt and learning how to speak a bit of the language or any other one would boost your chances of bagging a good bargain. In fact, the trader or attendant would disposed to offering you a discount just because you spoke a bit the dialect.

Shop around

Perhaps, this can be described as sampling the prices of the product you want in different malls. This would give you a good idea of the cost of the product and help you decide how much you can actually pay for the product. After this, you can go to an entirely different mall to buy whatever you want at the actual price because you a pretty good idea of the price. Women are actually experts in doing and men should imitate them because it is not a bad idea!

Speak to someone

If you don’t want to be ripped off when you taking a cab or buying groceries, it is advisable to speak to someone that has a general idea of prices in Port Harcourt. Don’t fall prey to an insatiable attendant or cab driver; just ask- how much is the price to get a cab to Trans Amadi lane?

Patronize formal places

If you can’t cope with the hassle of going to the market and other activities, just patronize formal places like Malls, classy boutiques and restaurants where you are certain of paying the actual price However, have this at the back of your mind that you be actually paying more and the quality is guaranteed.

Go on a shopping tour

Take a tour to the market with a friend or colleague who is a ‘son/daughter of the soil’. On your, you may take the opportunity to buy what you want as well as sample the price of other products you may probably want later.

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