Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why Ladies Really Pierce Their Tongues

As a kid, I thought girls were born with just two piercings; one on each ear. I probably had that sort of conception because all my female classmates through primary and secondary school had the same type of tiny hole in each ear.

Years down the line, I have come to realize that I was so wrong.
Girls are obviously not born with a hole in each ear but they later get pierced if their parents religious stance permits. I quickly understood this because during my teenage years I began to come across ladies who had multiple piercings on their ears. There was no longer uniformity  in the ear piercings as some had seven holes on one ear and three on the other. It then became clear to me that ladies and even men who had piercings on their nose, lips, navels, and eyelids existed in this planet and actually in my country, Nigeria.

My point is that it is now commonplace for people to get piercings in various parts of their body. Months back, I came across a lady who was trying to fix a pin (ring) on her tongue. As I watched her, I felt really nauseated and I wondered why people subject themselves to so much troubles while trying to 'fit in'. She looked very uncomfortable but was bent on wearing the tongue ring as if she had been instructed by some gods that her survival was dependent on that. Since that  episode, I have been curious to understand why ladies pierce their tongues and it appears I now understand why they do what they do:

A lot of ladies have gone ahead to pierce their tongues because they saw a girl at the club who pierced her tongue and they felt that was the reason men flocked around her. Women are naturally very competitive especially when it comes to fashion and it is not surprising to see a lady go pierce her tongue because her flat mates, colleagues or course mates had gotten same.

Shocked? Don't be. Some ladies have pierced their tongues simply because of boredom and the need to try something new. "I got it due to sheer boredom", someone wrote on an online forum. In a country like Nigeria where unemployment is the order of the day one shouldn't get surprised with the increasing number of ladies with all sorts of piercings including tongue piercing. For me, this group of people pierce their tongues just out of curiosity

Like every other habit, getting new piercings could be very addictive. We may have that friend who got one tattoo and kept on getting 'just one more' till his/her entire body got inked. It is apparently the same thing for piercings; the more piercings you have got, the higher the probability of getting the next. Some pierce their ears multiple times and then pierce the nose, tongue, navel, vagina, and even the little moons of their butt cheek. "I am a piercing addict and I liked the look of it", a lady wrote on an online forum.

Many simply find piercings to be fashionable. A lot of ladies believe that while talking  and their tongues glitter because of the ring on it, they have made a huge fashion statement. A female friend of mine told me that tongue piercings "are basically for fashion and show off"

This is often the most common reason ladies who are not so shy give for piercing their tongues. What am I talking about? A lot of ladies believe that their lovers enjoy blow-jobs (as we colloquially call it) more when they are wearing rings on their tongue. According to them, their men enjoy a very tingling and nice sensation when the walls of their phallus are caressed by the rings. In the words of a friend, "guys like girls with tongue rings...apparently it is more stimulating during oral sex"

Do you agree with these reasons? Do you know better reasons why people get tongue piercings? Kindly share with us in the comment section.

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