Monday, June 15, 2015

This Week's Hotshot: Àwánjó

Dance has become an inevitable part of life; although we can't basically say an essential part of it, ‎to avoid unnecessary argument.

But we would be right to say everyone, everywhere dances everyday, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Àwánjó is a dance crew set to re-define the phase of dance across the country and in-turn promote the Nigerian culture across the world, as well as other kinds of dance.

With over 21 dancers and still growing, we have successfully attained the right to say you cannot watch Nigerian music videos in a day and not experience Àwánjó one way or the other.

Our dancers are unarguably the most talented ones around, hence the demand for their services on music videos as well as stage performances.

Having worked with the likes of Clarence Peters of Capital Films and Capital Hill Records, Adasa Cookey of Squareball media, Unlimited LA of MSAYC and so many others,  Àwánjó has been able to convince lots of artistes about their position as the most talented dance group out of Nigeria.

Àwánjó was recently announced as the official dance group for Mavin Records,  Àwánjó  is ready to set the pace and set new trends in the music/dance sector of the country and in Africa.


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