Saturday, June 06, 2015

Introducing The Myde App

Myde is a social app where users can post events and find events around a particular GPS location.

The application was created for the everyday day event planner that is looking to gain publicity for his/her events and the young adults who needs to find places to visit around them.
Myde shares events to users around them, these events cuts across all categories house parties, club hangouts, award shows, comedy shows, weddings, auditions, casting calls etc.

  • Myde updates users around a location constantly about all the events around them.
  • After creating an event Myde sends out a PUSH notification to every mobile phone user who has downloaded MYDE around the event location.
  • After creating your event you can share automatically to twitter and Instagram.
  • Myde gives events a platform to push traffic to their events through social feeds, the event icons increase in size as the social feeds generated from twitter and Instagram tied to the event hashtag increase.
  • Myde can also get directions from user's location to event venue.
To download the app on your Android device, CLICK HERE

To download the app on your Apple/iOS device, CLICK HERE

How To Create An Event On Myde

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