Wednesday, June 03, 2015

'I Want To Stay'...Costa Rubbishes Exit Rumour

Chelsea striker, Diego Costa has rubbished the rumors peddled by the Spanish press about a possible return for him to Atletico Madrid this summer.
Speaking in Sydney, Australia after Chelsea completed its post-season tour, the Governor as he is fondly called said:

'It's quite a simple answer. It’s always a bit more difficult for adaptation in the first season, but I have no reason to leave this place, I love it, the fans love me and I want to stay,''It’s really good to come in the first season and win two things. It’s really important and next year I’ll be ready to come back and hopefully win a couple more trophies.'
Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho also spoke about the reports as he revealed that the 26-year old was angered by the rumors. Here's what Jose said:
'I’m happy he’s unhappy because his unhappiness destroys my dressing room,’ 
‘He is the guy responsible for every single good moment in the dressing room.He is so happy, he is so funny and he is enjoying every minute at Chelsea and people are enjoying every single minute of him.
'So if this is unhappiness I am happy with that. But he was not happy with that news. In his bad English I think he has to try to express how unhappy he is with this news and how happy he is at Chelsea.’

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