Saturday, June 06, 2015

"I Got Big Soft Boobs, Voice Like A Ringtone...My Bank Overflows"

Call it plenty of self-love and self-appreciation on a Saturday morning and you won't be wrong. Nigerian voluptuous actress and part-time singer, Cossy Orjiakor can't have enough of herself. She has taken to social media to express the love she got for her voice, her stretch-mark-free boobs, her wealth, humility and all whatnot.

On Instagram, she wrote: "Am so gorgeous... Cute face. Sexy voice like a sexy ringtone .
Big soft boobs no stretch marks Nice lady figure. Lovely firm ass.. Am Very humble and super bold So Rich my bank overflows."
So grateful to my creator.. I love me and I want u 2 love me too.
It was a similar message on her Twitter handle where she wrote: "Am so cute..i gat sexy voice..big firm boobs. Cute sexy ass. My bank overflows. I love me and I want u to love me too.".


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