Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Humphrey Chidinma: Tips On Sustaining A Long-lasting Relationship

Let's talk about love and marriage. As beautiful as they can be, marriages have turned into reasons why most married/singles stay awake crying, sad and emotionally traumatized. The rates of divorce in the society is rather alarming and this can be attributed to a couple of reasons. But the good news is no matter how bitter your past relationship was, your next can always be better if you choose to make it so.
The choice is entirely yours, do not allow your past to control your future, you can conquer and change anything if you confront it.

We can work towards achieving a happy marriage/relationship if we try and learn some useful information about the men/womenfolk.


1) Sexual fulfilment
2) A recreational playmate
3) A beautiful wife
4) A committed homemaker
5) Admiration
6) A moral virtue
7) A sense of humor
8) Trust
9) Wisdom
10) Absolute honesty.


1) A Godly man
2) Romance
3) Sense of humor
4) Communication
5) Honesty
6) A Provider
7) A family man
8) Respect
9) Leadership
10) Faithfulness

Please there's no order of arrangement and in as much as some people wouldn't want to agree with me, I'm sure that 7 out of 10 people would agree that this is basically what we all want in a partner.

However this isn't all there is to achieving a happy home, I've carefully studied basic love rules that enhance a long lasting sexual and emotional bonding between two lovers.
They include:- 

1) What you're willing to walk away from will determine what God can bring to you.
2) Love is not a license to change or control your partner
3) The folly of believing "I understand her"
4) Stop playing the blame game
5) When you make a mistake, acknowledge it and apologize
6) Learn to laugh
7) A marriage built upon sexual excitement is doomed to fail. 
8) Jealousy is the way to drive your wife off without trying.
9) Learn to forgive yourself for not being perfect
10) No pain, no gain.
11) Don't let your parents' marriage control yours
12) How to put love first to make love last
13) What you believe to be so becomes so
14) Your attitude is contagious
15) No one can make you feel inferior without your consent
16) Happiness is a core
17) Feel great about yourself
18) The love you refuse to give you would lose!

 Furthermore, Dear men, women want to be loved completely, passionately and romantically.They want nonsexual affection, emotional and spiritual intimacy, and mutual submission.
Women, don't ever hesitate to make your men feel wanted and appreciated, it always does the magic.

Finally, I know this piece isn't properly explained and some might want more clarification, you can contact me  through my mailbox Humphreychidinma@ymail.com

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