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This word, I learnt from Tobe. Late Tobenwa Ogubuike. It's still sad that the word "Late" now prefixes your name. Late Tobe Iyaeshu Saemon. I think he picked up those last two names after watching Naruto in our second year or so. He added them to his name on Facebook, then they got stuck in my memory like a Vulcanizer's patch on a tyre.
They are probably the names of some awesome character in the cartoon. I don't even know if Naruto is a cartoon, or an animation. I don't watch cartoons, so I didn't watch Naruto and I therefore don't know what the names mean. I don't care either. I just care that my friend Tobe is no more.

It's been over three months since you died, but the hurt, like the Mercies of our good God, is new every morning. The only thing that has changed is the time intervals between the moments I remember you are dead. This is what I mean: a few weeks after Tobe died, and after his burial, i'd just be living my life, normal, happy if you will, then in a moment, I would remember Tobe is dead, then the hurt would hit me. I am saying the hurt still hits me and it still hurts as much when it hits. Only difference is that it now takes a while before those Tobe remembrance moments come. It is common knowledge that death brings sadness to the living but I tell you this: the sadness that Tobe's death brought, to me, and obviously to other people who knew him, is on a whole new different level. Feelings like that should not be allowed to exist. Tobe simply shouldn't have died. I don't understand how you were not too sweet for death. I guess there's no such thing as that.

I was just reading Chimamanda's Americanah, then I came across the word "impregnable", then of course, I remembered Tobe. I learnt that word from him. We were in 4th year. First semester, I think. IT clouds were looming. We took an NLNG exam at Hotel Presidential, Ph. Twas me, Tobe, Deekor, Etido, and some other classmates I don't remember right now. After the exam, we came out and talked about the questions. Under the test for Vocabulary strength in English, a question was asked about a synonym of the word "Impregnable". "Strong" was in the options, but I didn't know what impregnable meant. I think I chose "happy" or some other clueless adjective or noun. Tobe then told me impregnable means strong. That's how I learnt the word. It soon became a favourite. I love to use it. Not because it's sweet to use. It doesn't even sound sophisticated. I just love using it because I learnt it from Tobe. Tobe didn't look impregnable though. He was slender and tall. But he had such an impregnable personality. It was almost impossible to know him, and not like him. And death just had to hand-pick him. SMH

For the rest of my life, every time I come across the word "impregnable", I will remember Poor old Tobenwa. Keep resting in peace my friend. I'll keep writing about you for as long as I can merge words and punctuations together, to form articles.

NOTE: Apologies, if you have been rudely reminded about the dead

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  1. So sorry for ur loss, I guess Tobe waz a great frnd and am sure he is up there resting nd he would want u to b impregnable. So u have to b strong for him


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