Friday, May 08, 2015

Want A Car? Get It For As Low As N450,000

LAGOS, 07 May 2015 - Online car shopping is quicker, easier and cheaper than shopping in person. Carmudi, brings hundreds of car dealers and private sellers to your fingertips.  You can search anytime, anywhere. Many buyers don't realize that every car dealership has a backdoor that nearly always gives you the no-nonsense price of a car instantly., Nigeria’s number 1 online vehicle marketplace offers users the unique opportunity to buy their dream car at an affordable price. 

Promise, a 24 year old law student and first time car buyer was very excited to share her car buying experience, she told us “I visited the Carmudi website, searched for a car of my choice and contacted the dealer on Tuesday evening and they replied straightaway.  I walked to the dealer the next day and a few hours later, I drove home in my new car, a used Toyota Yaris.”

When asked why she chose to use Carmudi Nigeria, Promise replied “I got my driver’s license last month and I was searching for my first car but I am a student so I didn't have time or money to visit lots of dealers to find a nice car. Then, a good friend at my university told me to try Carmudi because he used it before and it was safe and easy to look for cars that are near your location, so I did.”

Speaking on the competitive prices available on the Carmudi website, Mohammed Iyamu, Head of Operations, Carmudi Africa said, “There are thousands of cars listed on Carmudi Nigeria. If say you want to buy a Toyota Corolla, there will be hundreds of similar models to compare. This creates a competitive environment among dealers and so users will find the best prices available on the market.”

Furthermore, Carmudi Nigeria has also been able to forge lasting and favorable partnerships with the biggest automobile dealerships in Nigeria which guarantees that the cars posted on the Carmudi website have the best prices. Below are some of the great deals listed today on

      Honda Accord 2000, ₦750,000, Automatic, 4 door
      Mercedes-Benz C320 Kompressor 2000, ₦600,000, Automatic, 4 door
      Nissan Sentra 2001 Black, ₦500,000

We asked promise if she plans to give a name to her new car and she laughed and said “I will think about it”. Promise also added that she recommends Carmudi to everybody who is searching for a car in Nigeria”.

Like Promise, you can also narrow your list of vehicles and save time while staying informed. Visit or simply download the Carmudi app to find your dream car on the go. 

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