Thursday, May 21, 2015

This Week's Hotshot: Becky Onoise

This week's hotshot is fast rising model and video vixen, Becky Smallz Onoise. She is a final year Psychology student at the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. Her favorite colors are red and pink and she enjoys watching movies and reading novels.
Today also happens to be her birthday. Check out some of her photos and feel free to drop your birthday wishes for her in the comment section

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  1. Yay thanks Austin *hugs* ah ah n I've written one long note of miself

  2. Not popular though. Had to google the chic thinking she was but nothing came up just her fb page. Hustle hard dear and maybe one day if a curious mind like me google u up lots of relevance would pop up. you are cute tho. Bye

  3. Not popular tho. thought she was and had to google her up but nothing popped up just her fb page which was kinda dry. Hustle hard dear maybe someday when they write stuff about you there would be some sort of societal relevance not just to the blogger alone. cute chic by the way.


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