Friday, May 08, 2015

How To Fix Your Hanging/Slow Computer

A few days ago, a friend of mine was complaining about his laptop hanging and some programs not responding. A quick look at his computer told me why (he knew why, he was just in denial). The RAM and processor on his computer are barely capable of anything. Now, there are two things we should be looking at here, you can either have a slow computer or a computer that all of a sudden is running slowly. My friend has a slow computer, the solutions contained in this article are targeted at computers that are running slowly.
 There are several reason your computer can be slow:

  •         Software related issue
  •         Hardware related issue
  •         Having too many applications running
  •         Problem with drivers
  •      System resources (memory, processor etc.)
  •         Heat

Yes, you read that right. Heating up can cause slowing down and/or hanging of your computer. Your computer can have a combination of these problems.
In handling your computer when it is having one of its Schizophrenic episodes, below are some simple steps (I’m assuming you are using windows):

  • Check the number and impact of startup programs. You can find numerous articles online detailing how this can be done easily, it might be necessary to disable some startup programs to improve performance of your computer.
  • Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open Task Manager, select the processes tab to see which processes are using up a lot of resources (memory and CPU)
  •  Ensure that all drivers and applications are up to date (including anti-virus)
  • Disk defragmentation runs periodically, but you can run it manually if need be. The process of running defragmentation can be found online.
  • Check for malware; in my experience Malwarebytes gets the job done (note that you have to scan and restart your computer a number of times).

Increasing the amount of virtual memory used by the system, reducing the number of installed applications and clearing browser history and temporary files can go a long way in improving performance. If all fail it might be worth considering a RAM upgrade.

Note: in trying to keep this post as short as possible details have been skipped; if further assistance or explanation is required feel free to contact me.

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