Thursday, May 28, 2015

Goodluck President Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan [A Letter To The Outgoing President]

In a few hours from now, you will cease being the President of this great nation. You will now find enough time to spend with your wife and children. Most importantly, you will rest from the great demands of ruling a nation as corrupt and complicated as ours. You have done your best as President of over 160 million people for the past five years, thank you so much.
You may not have too many fans but looking deep into your eyes, I know you are a great man who meant well. I personally think you started the race slowly but you finished greatly despite losing your re-election bid.

The challenges your administration faced were enormous but you don't expect less from a country like Nigeria. Well, you have come to the end of your tenure in one peace and you have developed some key sectors of our economy. Much more could have been done under your watch but you are not a magician and so we expect the incoming administration to consolidate on your government's effort and of course surpass your achievements.

For the deserved freedom the media enjoyed under your watch, we thank you. For the first class graduates who were awarded scholarships under your watch, we thank you. For the monumental successes achieved in the agricultural sector under your watch, we thank you. We thank you, we thank you, we thank you.

I am so happy you will now have the time to face your personal life and of course replenish lost nutrients. I suggest you go on a long vacation with your beautiful wife, Patience to one of those beaches maybe in Miami and feel young all over again. I wonder if you will return to the University environment...hmmm! You are indeed a statesman and millions of Nigerians like myself will forever love and respect you.

We will miss you a lot Dr. Goodluck Jonathan


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