Monday, April 20, 2015

Oghene Chukwu | I Think I Love My Wife

How una see this matter? I asked my friend ‘Guy, wetin your Papa been dey call your mama?’ Well, he couldn’t recall since his mum is late, at least that’s the reason we both assumed was responsible for him not remembering. I have also tried to recall what my Dad usually calls my Mum and somehow, I also cannot recall.
It just somehow seems like he never calls her. Hold on, I am not talking about phone calls but him calling her when she is a distance away. Well, I just can’t remember him calling her by a pet name or the even more African ‘Mama ’ e.g Mama Chukwudi.
My mum however calls my Dad ‘Dear’ with so much ease and very often. Dear help me with my phone, dear help me buy goat meat on your way back, dear leave me alone I am not in the mood. It’s just so easy with my mum; I have been wondering why my Dad never calls his wife. When she is close by, he just walks over to her or he says, ‘Son, call your mum’. On the phone, he just calls her and boom, he starts his conversation with her. Of course, he assumes she should know it’s him

I am not a psychologist but I have a theory; the theory is that my Dad is a hybrid of the old and new and is therefore not comfortable referring to my mum as ‘Mama ’ or ‘dear’. Maybe he also feels he'll appear too soft calling if he refers to her by one of these modern day tags. Maybe it's his family background or something else but I will never know because I will never ask. So does anyone have any answer for me?

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