Saturday, April 25, 2015

My iRants (1)

So, by some complex events that will be mighty lengthy to include here, an iPad mini landed on my desk. The user of this iPad handed it over to another person (this old user has forgotten the password of the Apple ID used in setting up the tablet), this means the new user can’t do much with it in its present state.

I have always considered Apple products to be very user friendly (having owned only an iPod, myself), I thought fixing the problem will be a piece of cake. I quickly proceeded to remove the old account (Apple ID) from iTunes and added mine; then another problem came up. I have my card linked to this account, you will understand with me that I shouldn’t hand over my account to a stranger. In the end, it boiled down to resetting the iPad to factory settings.

It’s usually easy to do that on other devices I’ve used (Android phones and tablet, Windows Phone etc.), I went ahead and tried it only to be greeted with a prompt requesting the forgotten password of the previous user. I thought that was awkward, considering that I had the tablet in my hands and whatever that password was securing was already open. Yet, I couldn’t restore the iPad to factory defaults. Not to be defeated I plugged the iPad to my laptop and fired up iTunes. Viola! I was in, the rest will be piece of cake.

All I had to do was backup the information in the tablet and click “restore”. That was when I saw something very strange, a prompt came up saying “Update and restore”, I thought it must have been a mistake of mine. So, I unplugged the iPad and started over only to be greeted by the same prompt. After some googling I found that it was very normal and should be expected. For those that don’t understand my surprise; the prompt meant, I must upgrade iOS if I was to restore the iPad.

You might say “what harm is there? There’s a newer OS, why not grab it?” To you, I’ll say “why must I upgrade my iPad, I just want it restored. It is mine and I should be allowed to use it as I please.” Beyond that, what if I don’t have access to the Internet? It goes to say the only way to restore the tablet would have been to jailbreak it. Well, long story short, I waited patiently for the new OS to download only because the iPad wasn’t mine.



  1. Hmmm... So Iroegbu writes well like this? Hmmm...

  2. Well, this has inspired me to decide to write my own version. But it's not on itoys, mine will be captioned "My Arants". You should know the platform by now.

  3. I usually struggle with reading through some blog posts but this is good. Short enough to read (as I am a slow reader) and interesting enough to make you read till the end. Thumbs up


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