Thursday, April 02, 2015

Doyin Okupe's Congratulatory Message To President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari

It has pleased the Almighty God to give victory to Gen Mohammed Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the APC and the President elect.
We accept this as the Will of God and I personally congratulate the general for his success. We have ran a good race and fought a gallant battle.
We are bowed but not cowed. We lost the crown but we gained a trophy.
The PDP family must not despair; If it took general Buhari 30 yrs to come back to power, it should take us much less.
For the opportunities we have had we give God All the Glory.
To millions of our supporters we say thanks
To those who are our adversaries, the battle has been fought, and it has been won & lost
The strife is over for the next 4 yrs ONLY.
We rejoice with APC & the people of Nigeria
on the progress we have jointly made in our democratic journey. For our democracy to endure it is important that the winner clearly emerges while the loser concedes with equanimity.
Certainly we will be back. We will overcome this defeat and rise again to power and glory
In a twinkle of an eye.
God bless Nigeria

As seen on his Facebook page

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