Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Crazy Guys! What Could Ehiz & Onos Possibly Have Up Their Sleeves This Time Around?

I personally think Onos Ovueraye who previously worked for Bella Naija and currently with Ndani TV is a genius and one of the bright minds of this generation. I met him just once and he won my respect instantly.

An album? A movement? New show? Dread lock competition?

Meet the miscreants - Ehiz and Onos, two young media personalities that seem to have a little something up their sleeves. 
They call themselves Miscreants INC and they have managed to catch attention by their antics on social media. While skeptics guess that these two are working on an album. 
Now, we've got an exclusive sneak peek of what they are working on as they release some mischievous promo photos.

When asked about Miscreants INC by blogger BigTimi, here's what they had to say:

"When four or more creative are gathered, ideas must explode. I just want to execute them. People always want something spanking new. We got you. " – Onos said.

"They say we are the generation to bring change. I be bus conductor so I get plenty change" – Said extremely eager Ehiz

City FM OAP, @KemiSmallz while describing the ‘miscreants’, said,

"You know the bunch of cool kids in a corner, that never stop dancing and laughing, always thinking and saying the weirdest yet most creative things possible, as stylish as possible, always out to have some fun and actually live not just exist. Yes, those are the miscreants. The party never stops with them, you meet them once, you want to keep meeting them and get engulfed in the positive energy and vibe they bring. They are that awesome"

An album? A movement? New show? Dread lock competition?

What do you think these miscreants are up to?

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