Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who's 'Beefing' Media Chick, Lamide Akintobi Over AMVCA Outfit?

The 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award may have come and gone but the debates which were born about the red carpet appearances of some celebrities lingers.
I hear it was a lovely event and the pictures I have seen suggest that our celebs dressed to kill. Well, it appears media personality, Lamide Akintobi may have received her own fair or unfair share of criticisms. 

She took to Twitter to express her amusement over the 'beef' for her AMVCA dress. I wonder what the critics may have said about her outfit but in my opinion, this is a lovely dress.
What do you think of the outfit?

Photo Credit: Instagram (Peridot + Lamide)

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