Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Poisonous Honey Being Sold In Nsukka?

ok. I am now in Nsukka. The land of milk and honey.
Glad i came but dissapointed to realise that rosary carrying, tongue speaking, scarf tying, christians are still hawking poison with impunity.
They sell this "honey" to you, you buy it, with the belief that you are in a honey producing area.

You go home, feed on d honey, your kids do, your husband does, your aged parents do and along the line, the poison starts to manifest. You spend everything on health bills... And in your medication, you are asked to add honey, that it helps, you enter Nsukka and buy "honey"... Again!! With the seller, telling you it is even blessed from mbaka.
Why are we so dishonest??? We even lie in the name of God without fear.
Mmmmnnn!! The thing wey God go judge plenty ooo...!!!
A Facebook user, Chiamaka Adeline made these claims this morning. If you stay around Nsukka, have you experienced these poisonous products?

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